Vacatur Petition to the New York State
Board of Professional Medical Conduct

by James R. Caputo, M.D.


Dear All who have come to this page,

Below (at the bottom of the page) are two documents that have been filed with the New York State Department of Health that seek to end a thirteen year malicious prosecution and eventual loss of my New York State Medical License based on completely fraudulent claims.  This transgression was carried out using widespread mistruths while there existed no true recourse whatsoever for the victim, that being me and my family.  What's all the more sickening is the fact that all involved know full well that this entire thing was a sham. 

After recently locating an exonerating document and thereafter assembling a litany of many others I have from this long ordeal, I was able to put together a legal brief that proves, without question, what has been so viciously done to my life and career.  The Petition is not some preachy document but simply hard facts that reveal an incredible degree of corruption that is truly hard to believe, not to mention having had to live through - an experience that invariably reflects in one's writing when having to go through it once again.  So bear that in mind as you read anything from me involving this matter.  I'm not too happy, as you might imagine.

As alluded to in the petition, there are a host of other documents which are on this page to the left that expand the matter to an even greater extent, should you choose to read them.  Also, to the right is the most recent correspondence to numerous parties who have been called upon to exercise their respective duties and responsibilities in this matter.

To best read the Petition documents below for those so inclined, right mouse click each one and download them.  The exhibits file is pretty large (90mb) since they are all pdf scans which take up a lot of data space.  Open each of them up side by side on your screen so that you can immediately refer to the exhibits as they are referenced in the petition brief. 

Please also consider hitting the link to the right and going to where I have fashioned a petition seeking to gather support to respark the long overdue Reform Bill of this State agency that was responsible for what you are about to read.  Please consider supporting this effort since it has implications for every single New Yorker. 

After what has already been experienced, I fully realize that my one voice apparently continues to fall on deaf ears by this abusive agency, as well as several other New York State officials who are otherwise obligated to answer.  But even those choosing to remain silent cannot do so without being called out on such ridiculousness.

If you feel that bad medical care (especially for women and unborn babies) shouldn't be rewarded and that (additionally) it's wrong for medical professionals who have connections in high places to use them to intentially (and baselessly) harm other medical professionals, (because these two conditions are the current status quo in Central New York), then your one voice becomes many, as like minded individuals say "enough already" and do something about it.  Something as simple as signing a petition is all you need to do.  However, if you rather keep the current status, then do nothing - like most do.

Please feel free to disseminate this page to as many people as you wish.  Thank you very much for your interest and support.

-James R. Caputo, M.D.

2015 Vacatur Petition

Petition Exhibits

Brief Update:
As of the date of this page, the Vacatur Petition has been completely ignored by all parties who have received it, including the Governor's Office, the Commissioner of Health as well as the supposed oversight agency for OPMC, the Office of Inspector General.  Indeed, these actions (or lack thereof) are not surprising nor are they acceptable.  Therefore, in response to the DOH's continued professionalism, the following challenge has been put forth.


<updated 8/7/15>

August 4, 2015 Correspondence with OPMC Deputy Counsel, Michael A. Hiser



Learn about
the new Petition
to see this battle
go public instead of a closed door tribunal.


May 2, 2015 Combined follow-up letter to:

-Governor Cuomo
-Commissioner of Health
-Office of Inspector General,
-Director of OPMC,
-President of Upstate Medical University and others.


Sign the original Petition to Reform OPMC

Additonal Support Documents for
January 2015
Vacatur Petition

Incident Case Documents

Findings of Fact for the
2007 OPMC Hearing

2007 Determination and Order - Conviction Document

Refutation to the Determination and Order

ARB Appeal Document from 2008

Original Board Order Modification Letters

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Letters to Medical School President about Residency Program Deficiencies

Patient Support Letters


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