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~ Obstetrics and Gynecology ~
James R. Caputo, M.D.

The following document is a compilation of the patient support letters/statements received on my behalf after my name and pratice were publicly shamed in the newspaper leading to the eventual closure for the first of three times in 2008.  As mentioned in the 2015 Petition for Vacatur, all of these statements were collected by the individual effort of my childrens' (then) piano teacher who was simply appalled after what she saw happen. 

With an extremely limited reach, it was astounding to see how many people she was not only able to connect with but I am so humbled by the number of responses along with the words expressed in support.  This document is offered simply because it further illustrates how significant losses, (from the illegitimate practice of sham peer review), extend far beyond the individual involved. 

OPMC is supposed to be protecting the public interest from bad medicine. They have done little to nothing in my experience to demonstrate that goal while deliberately engaging in a level of power abuse that is quite simply, an abomination to all that is lawful and good in this society. This agency operates in a way that is wholly unacceptable and absolutely unconscionable. It is no wonder that several attempts have been made in the past seeking to reform this monster.

Just look at my case alone for the quintessential example of how wickedly this agency is implemented upon the doctors of New York State. Not one thing in ANY of their (publicly) available "conviction" documents concerning my practice of medicine has any basis in Truth - a fact that can be proven beyond the shadow of doubt in any (legitimate) setting. The chose to pick on the one doctor with an absolutely flawless clinical record who consistently, (year after year), sat atop the entire department (and region) regarding all quality assurance measures and metrics. Yet, they get away with their spuriously destructive activities because they do it behind closed doors without any oversight, like the cowards that they are.

To put it simply, this official agency of the State of New York and a division of the Department of Health recognizes that they have the opportunity and moreover, the authority, to be able to literally cheat and this is what they freely and purposefully do.......any time and with anyone they see fit to impose themselves upon and ultimately destroy if this latest subject doesn't fully comply with their (often illegitimate) demands.

The lack of constitutional principles alone that pervaded my entire experience with this agency would leave you shaking your head if written about. Everything about this entire process, agency, experience was so wrong and on so many levels that it defies logic that it could have ever happened in America.

As anyone can discern by the voices in these letters, not to mention the mounds of completely exculpatory proof ignored for nearly fifteen years concerning my case alone, OPMC repeatedly shows their hand in how miserably they (truly) fail in upholding their very own mission statement. This is as bankable a charge if there ever was one, with ample material evidence to prove it.


Patient Support Letters