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James R. Caputo, M.D.
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For all those familiar with my practice and this site, you can see that there is a considerable change to the appearance.  As many of you know, I have had to recently close The Good Life Centre for Women after a long thirteen year battle with the New York State Department of Health, namely their Office of Professional Medical Conduct, over issues concerning my practice of medicine that were never founded in truth.  I state here categorically and in no uncertain terms that this agency is as corrupt as they get and have repeatedly tried to work with them, to no avail, in seeing that my license to practice in this State would be preserved for the sole purpose of serving the women of Central New York with the highest caliber healthcare available as well as remaining close to my children. 

For those who have first hand experienced this level of care, you know that it was indeed accomplished despite more than a decade of duress at the hands of individuals bent on destroying this wonderful resource for the delivery of Obstetrical and Gynecological medicine and surgery.  Much has been experienced as well as gathered along this journey that not only speaks to this corruption but also delineates the incredible risk to the well being of women and their unborn babies at the hands of those who viciously rule the Ob/Gyn affairs of this region.  It is now time to bring all of it to the attention of the highest office in the State, once again. 

Below you will find a letter written to and received by Governor Cuomo as of October 24, 2014 detailing the travesty that continues to occur under the auspices of his State University Medical Center in Syracuse, New York.  In addition, I have opened up the entire vault of documents I possess in electronic form to illustrate the widespread deceitfulness that has reigned for too long in this community.  As you can see to the above right, I have also posted a brief video on YouTube in order to both put a face to this travesty as well as disseminate the information.

While this matter certainly pertains to what unjustifiably happened to me and this practice, the implications are far more reaching throughout the entire State of New York for every patient as well as their doctors. 
I encourage you to read what is posted here along with the countless documents linked to prove beyond any doubt what has been written and voice your opposition to what you will subsequently become aware of.  Of course, there will be certain statements and themes repeated in some of the correspondence since they are to differing parties.  Nonetheless, it is high time for change, once and for all.  May the truth and justice finally rule.

-James R. Caputo, M.D.



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A Letter to Governor Cuomo - October 2014

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Office of Professional Medical Conduct
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